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    Specialist recruiter to the Catering and Hospitality Industry. Our values: Professionalism, Integrity, Flexibility, Partnership

  • Mise en Place

    Specialist recruiter to the Catering and Hospitality Industry. Our values: Professionalism, Integrity, Flexibility, Partnership

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  • Mise en Place

    Specialist recruiter to the Catering and Hospitality Industry. Our values: Professionalism, Integrity, Flexibility, Partnership

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    Specialist recruiter to the Catering and Hospitality Industry. Our values: Professionalism, Integrity, Flexibility, Partnership

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We are 20!

Wednesday, October 18th, 2017

Last month we marked our 20th Anniversary at Mise en Place Recruitment. We’re very proud to have placed hundreds of highly talented candidates across many continents in the last 20 years. Still going strong and continually increasing our reach we’re thrilled to have some fantastic opportunities over on our website including some great international roles.  Click through to our website to see more opportunities both in London, UK and Internationally. Register your details here …..


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Food trends 2017

Monday, July 3rd, 2017

Each year we’re told the prediction of what food trends the year will entail. Do you agree with these six trends?

1. Tradition

Consumers want foods they can trust and are looking for safety in products. Due to the rapid pace of change and the unpredictability of current events consumers are more likely to buy products they recognise.

2. Power to Plants

People are wanted to be healthier and are eating lots more fresh fruit and veg. The rise of vegetarianism and veganism will grow bigger.

3. Waste not

Ingredients that usually get thrown away will be used for inventive food stuffs. For example making meringues or mayonnaise with aquafaba (chickpea water)

4. Time is the essence

Time being a precious resource with people leading busy lives,  shortcut solutions are needed that give the same fresh and nutritious food.

5. Healthy

It will become easier for people of lower incomes to eat more healthily. The promotion of using wonky veg will get a boost with a specially designed app with recipes.

6. Night time

As working people are working later and later and finding it harder to switch off, the market for products to help you wind down is becoming increasingly more popular.


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Second Veggie Pret

Friday, March 31st, 2017

Following the success of the first completely Veggie Pret in Soho last year, the sandwich and salad chain have just announced that they are opening another one in Shoreditch. It will open on April 4th and will be launching some new dishes including a vegan brownie and vegan macaroni cheese. Shoreditch was chosen due to its high levels of vegetarian sales in the area.

The company opened it’s first Veggie Pret last year, due to an online poll that saw more than 10,000 people as for more veggie options. With and expected loss in takings by 30%, the chain actually saw a rise in takings of 70% year on year.

There’s more and more demand for meat free options, Pret highlighted that their beetroot, feta and squash salad sold 17,000 each week, outselling the salmon and chicken options.

What do you think about the rise of meat free foods? Have you got a veggie or vegan option on your menu?


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Earth Hour

Thursday, March 23rd, 2017

This March the Food Made Good programme that’s run by the Sustainable Restaurant Association are championing the idea that a good restaurant is one that cares about where it gets it’s natural resources from.

‘UK restaurants are responsible for higher carbon emissions than the whole of Costa Rica – 8 million tonnes according to a 2015 report by energy company E.ON’

The SRA are collaborating with the WWF’s Earth Hour to organise a nationwide candlelight dinner scheme. There is an open invitation to restaurants to show their support in the fight against climate change by creating a fun evening for their customers by turning the lights out for the duration of Earth hour. The candlelight dinners will take place on 25th March at 8.30pm.

If you’d like to join in and show your support against climate change then you can sign up your restaurant here


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Supper clubs – Are they here to stay?

Tuesday, November 29th, 2016

Supper clubs were on trend a few years ago, but with more and more popping up year on year, but are they here to stay?

The UK supper club scene has grown year on year with its secretive roots now hitting the mainstream. The pop up restaurant movement began 10 years ago in New York and London, and grew out of a want for everyday people to have a chance to taste creative food at a reasonable price.

Back when it all began and partly due their legality, supper clubs were secretive, almost like a speakeasy, with the venue only being released hours before the event took place. A few years into the movement, high profile chefs started to get involved and pop ups where taking place at renowned venues such as Harvey Nichols. When the economic crash happened supper clubs went back to their frugal roots and took more of an intimate stance with food start-ups popping up restaurants at their homes.

Today we almost see a supper club in every UK city. Word has got out into the wider sphere and venues are now specially designed for chefs to ‘pop up’ at. The trend is moving towards people taking more time to enjoy food and making an evening of it. And supper clubs are the perfect antidotes for that.

What do you think? Have you done a ‘pop up’?



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Kerb’s 4th Birthday

Sunday, October 23rd, 2016

Street food has been gaining popularity year on year with the likes of renowned chefs now taking to vans to provide hungry Londoners with top-notch food. Heading up the movement was KERB founder Petra Barran who created this foodie community in 2012. Petra started out in the mobile food game herself, with Britain’s only dedicated chocolate van. She loved being on the road so much and the sense of community she gained from it, that she later decided to start a community of her own – the aim to grow a new and exciting street food life in London.

Beginning with just 8 stallholders, KERB has now grown to over 5 sites across London and hosts up to 70 traders. Those that were there at the start include: BAOBleecker St. BurgerYou DoughnutPizza PilgrimsYum BunBaba G’s Bhangra Burger. Sites now include – Peckham, Hackney Wick, Southbank, the Gherkin, Paddington, West India Quay, and now Camden. To celebrate their 4th year KERB threw a massive party at their Kings cross sight. Check out KERBs website for more info…


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The YBFs

Monday, October 10th, 2016

The Young British Foodie Awards are all about shining a light on new British talent in the food and drink world. Now in it’s 5th year the awards celebrate creativity and innovation at grass roots level. Set up by three friends, Amy Thorne of Taste PR, food journalist Chloe Scott-Moncrief and baker extraordinaire Lily Jones (Lily Vanilli), categories include Front of House, Chefs, Street Food and Baking to name a few.

This year saw the awards take place at the gorgeously regal Searcy’s Champagne bar  in Knightsbridge. The evening began with some deliciously fruity cocktails from London based distillery Kamms and Sons.  Alice Levine and Lauran Jackson, from supper club fame Jackson and Levine, headed up the proceedings by presenting the awards. After all the excitement guests were lead upstairs where an array of canapés awaited them. And they didn’t last long!

MUNCHIES, vice’s food channel were in charge of the roof terrace and it didn’t disappoint. There was a whisky punch bowl fountain and even a specially designed YBF snapchat filter for the event. See some pictures from the night here. Check out the lucky winners and shortlisted people here.

And to all you chefs and front of house gems – don’t forgot to enter next year!


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Berwick Street introduces ‘Meet The Makers’ of Berwick Street.

Wednesday, December 23rd, 2015

Berwick Street brings a cinematic 6-piece documentary series uncovering the most creative and individual characters in Soho today.

Released over the next six months, Meet The Makers brings to light the previously unheard stories of creatives and curators who work behind the scenes in and around Berwick Street,London.

Following these engaging and inspiring characters in their current day set-up, MeetThe Makers exposes what living and working in Soho means to key players in the area.

The first of the 6 films introduces Ben Tish, Executive Chef and founding member of tapas restaurant, Ember Yard at 60 Berwick Street.

Ben Tish, has been based in Soho for over a decade and continues to receive rave reviews, Guy Diamond at Time Out said “Ember Yard’s that sort of place: somewhere you can’t quite get enough of, and are sorry to leave.

”Ben Tish started as Head Chef at Salt Yard restaurant in March 2006. In 2008 Ben becamethe executive chef of Salt Yard Group and has overseen the opening of Dehesa in Soho and Opera Tavern in Covent Garden and more recently the opening of the fourth site, Ember Yard on Berwick Street.

Ben is now Executive Chef and Director for the group and is responsible for the food ordering at all four restaurants.  Berwick Street is proud to create a series of films to highlight a truly great community of people in Soho.Watch & Share our first documentary: …

Check out more @BerwickStLondon, Berwickstreetlondon.co.uk

For further information and to request images please contact Sophia Amos |

Sophia.Amos@sisterlondon.com | 020 7016 8954Sophie Oller | Sophia.Oller@sisterlondon.com | 020 7016 8954


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Christmas is coming, and so is the Real Food Christmas Market!

Wednesday, November 18th, 2015

That indulgent time of year is coming up and what better way to inspire and delight those taste buds than by heading along to a festive food festival!

We’ve picked out one of our favourites for you…..

WHAT:       Real Food Christmas Markets at Kings Cross.

WHERE:    Kings Cross Square, in front of the station, along Euston Road N1C 9AL

WHEN:     Tuesday 15th – Thursday 23rd December, from 12.00pm – 7.00pm daily

There’ll be the best seasonal foods – what better place to grab your festive food shop?!

Top treats include:

  • British and continental cheeses – what Christmas is complete without cheese?
  • Christmas puddings, from mince pies, browies and cakes to the real deal itself.
  • Organic, free range and cured meats
  • The perfect gifts for foodies, whether hampers, handmade chopping boards or a crafted knife

Find out more on the website here.




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Eat My Words – Executive Chef Rob Shipman

Thursday, October 15th, 2015

Last summer an exciting opportunity arose for an Executive Chef in a top dining establishment in Casablanca, Morocco.  Mise en Place matched the role with the very talented foodie Rob Shipman over 18 months ago now.

Rob is all too familiar with high-spec food ideas and creations, having cooked for a number of celebrities.  He’s recently started his own blog ‘The Food Guy’ , sharing food inspiration, recipe ideas and tips alongside some beautiful snaps of his latest creations.

Here, we talk to Rob about his experiences in the cheffing world, where he likes to eat and what it takes to work in the kitchen.

Which is the last restaurant you visited and what were your thoughts?

Last night I went to a sushi restaurant in Casablanca call ILOLI.  There are many places doing sushi over here but this is the only place I’ve found so far that’s worth trying.  It seems that Morrocan’s are quite fond on deep fried sushi rolls with cream cheese.  This is what I’m trying to avoid.  The chef/owner of ILOLI has become a friend of mine now, he comes from Tokyo, the food is great and I can sit at the sushi bar and chat in Japanese all evening; it’s the only chance I get these days to speak Japanese.

Which is your favourite restaurant?

This is a very difficult question for me….! One of my favourites is perhaps Michele Bras in Hokkaido.  I’m still a big fan of Nobu and Zuma also.

What is the most important attribute for a chef to have, working in your kitchen?

That’s easy….honesty….if people are not honest with themselves, ultimately they are not being honest to the guest and this becomes a quality issue.  In my kitchen dishonest people are out!

If you had to give one piece of advice to an up and coming chef, what would it be?

Work hard…..always do your best and never make excuses….(that’s three pieces of advise as I’m not sure if one piece of advice will ever be enough!)

What would you choose for your last meal?

Veal carpaccio with loads of shaved white truffles and a bottle of vintage Montrachet.

Who would be your ideal dinner companion?

My wife.

Which chef(s) do you most admire?

Nobu, Ferran Adria, Tom Aikins.

What is your signature dish of the moment?

Nigiri sushi of tuna and salmon with white truffle oil, fleur de sel and lime juice.

What do you cook at home on your day off?

It’ll normally be a BBQ or a Moroccan tajine.

Have you had any recent food discoveries?

Yes – spaghetti with jumbo prawns and Moroccan chermoula sauce.  I made it at home recently and it tastes amazing!

What is your favourite piece of kitchen equipment?

My honyaki sashimi knife….it’s worth about $2,500 and was given to me as a gift by the owner of SUISIN knife factory in Osaka


We asked Rob for feedback on his experience of working with Mise en Place in looking for and securing a new position; here’s what he had to say:

“I highly recommend Mise en Place, Very professional, well connected and able to find great opportunities for talented people in the hospitality industry. I have first hand experience with this recruitment agency and I do recommend to job seekers and to employers.”

Follow Rob’s latest recipes, ideas and creations on his blog.


If you are looking for a new challenge or role in a top end hospitality and catering role, register on the Mise en Place website here to find out about the latest available roles.  

You can also submit your CV directly to our website, enabling us to identify the role(s) for you.


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